Managers – Don’t let coaching conversations and sales fall flat again

So many people, so little time … and SO many different personalities to deal with.

How do you:

  • Create engagement and buy-in?
  • Get everyone to collaborate?
  • Encourage behaviours that build trust between team members, and ultimately, with your customers?

It can feel overwhelming, trying to manage all the emotions, develop your team’s skills, hit your targets, AND get the other work on your plate done.

You WANT to coach and support your team and set a good example as a leader, but it’s just not happening the way you’d like.

It’s not your fault.

Very few Executives, Managers, Supervisors, and Team Leaders receive formal training on how to coach their teams. A recent study by shows that a whopping 58% of Managers said they didn’t receive any Management training.

It’s definitely NOT a case of fake it ‘till you make it.

And it’s not a one-size-fits-all solution either.

What if you could find a way to relieve the stress you’ve been feeling and build a stronger, more confident, collaborative team?

What if you could learn how to CONNECT WITH PEOPLE WHERE THEY ARE, so you can get on the same side and move forward together.

And by CONNECT, I mean emotionally, personally, in a way that attracts them to you.

  • Imagine if you could “read” your team members and understand what they’re feeling, what’s holding them back, how they make decisions, and what sparks their level of motivation?
  • What if they could understand exactly what you want them to do and you reach your goals faster and more efficiently?
  • What if giving and getting feedback could be stress-free, less tug-of-war, and more conversational?

It can be … and if any of this resonates with you, read on …



This is for you if you want to go beyond personality characteristics and get to the emotions that determine how you react.

And by the way, D.E.A.L. stands for the four behaviour styles:

  • Doers
  • Entertainers
  • Analysts and
  • Lovers

Each style has different behaviour characteristics and you are a combination of all four…your score indicates how pronounced those behaviours are, and their impact on others.

D.E.A.L. gives you the flexibility to adjust your communication style in any situation, improves your leadership abilities. You feel your confidence grow every day.

BEST OF ALL – it’s quick-to-learn and easy-to-remember. You learn the framework, and the rest is practise.

And right now, take advantage of special pricing, available until October 31st, 2022.

To get started, choose from three levels of deal:

D.E.A.L. 1 – The assessment tool. Build your self-awareness.

Your score and 23-page report provide valuable information about:

  • Your behaviour style combinations that tell you “who” shows up in certain situations
  • Your zones of genius (strengths)
  • Your Limitations
  • What things may trigger unproductive emotions and reactions and their impact on others
  • Solutions for ensuring you leverage your strengths
  • Solutions for managing your emotions and adjusting your behaviours so you become more resilient, confident and the great example of leadership you’ve always wanted to be.

Use what you learn to act as a window into other people’s behaviour. This allows you to understand why they think and do what they do, and see things from another perspective. That builds empathy.

D.E.A.L 2 – go deeper.
  • You get everything from D.E.A.L. 1, PLUS
  • You also receive a 45-minute call with me to discuss your results and how to apply them at a deeper level, to get even better results.
D.E.A.L. 3 – take it all the way:
  • You get everything from D.E.A.L. 2, PLUS
  • 5 x 60-minute sessions of coaching with me
  • I’ll give you the exact instructions on how to apply what you learn to the specific people and situations unique to you and your workplace
  • You’ll learn the words and phrases to use that are most effective with each behaviour style
  • Vocal skills, body language, and more.
  • You will learn how to adapt D.E.A.L. skills to your personal style, so it looks and feels natural to you, and authentic to others.

D.E.A.L. workshops are ideal for:

  • Executives
  • Managers
  • Supervisors
  • Team Leaders
  • Salespeople
  • Customer Service
  • Anyone who deals with customers or suppliers as part of their role.

Start building better results right away:

  • Better relationships with teams and customers
  • More trust between you and your team / your team and your customers
  • Confidence in decision-making and taking action
  • Mutual respect between co-workers
  • Collaboration on the job, in meetings, on projects
  • More employee engagement, and
  • A boost in sales

I look forward to with you soon!

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