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Master the Art of Human Connection

Boost your Leadership skills.

Manage  situations more effectively…

… so you can focus on the amazing vision you hold for your Business.

Practical Skills that Transform Your Business and Your life



Self-awareness is the ability to tune in to your own feelings, thoughts, and actions as you relate to other people or events around you.

When people are self-aware, they understand their strengths and challenges and know what helps them thrive.

Learn skills that will improve your life and your business.


Social Awareness

Being socially aware allows us to understand another person’s feelings and reactions to the people or situations around them … see things from their point of view.

Learn how other people see you and the impact you have on them.

Deal more effectively with “difficult people” and unexpected challenges that arise.


Identify & Manage Triggers

Triggers cause intense negative reactions and behaviours:

  • A person, place or thing
  • A memory or
  • A challenge to your belief system

Reduce the impact of triggers, so you can restore healthier levels of harmony and productivity.


Become the Person You Want to Be

Use proven science methods to change old habits. Break down walls to build bridges between people. Develop traits such as:

  • Growth mindset
  • Open mindedness
  • Agility
  • Resilience
  • Curiosity
  • Empathy
  • and more

Leadership Skills

Achieve peak performance & ROI:

  • Bring humanization into digitization
  • Effective Communication
  • Individualization
  • Innovation
  • Hybrid Workplace
  • Diversity
  • Realize your vision / goals
  • Inspire best practises from everyone.

Coaching Skills

There are 2 parts to this:

  1. How to coach effectively
  2. Coaching specifically for Team goals, and individuals within the Team.

Create a mindset of trust, positivity, and growth. Individuals increase awareness of, and take  responsibility for, their own  performance. 


Hire Proficiently

Hire, promote, and write job descriptions that attract  the right people for key roles.

Be able to see past the “interview face” and into what makes that person tick.

Do they align with your organization’s values? How will they gel with other people?

Ask good questions that get to the heart of the matter, and support your decisions.


Sales & Service Excellence

How your employees treat customers reflects how people treat each other within the organization. EVERYONE is in Sales and Service.

Build strong connection skills  from the inside out, and your customers will love working with you. They see you care about them … they’ll trust you … and buy from you.

Some of the ways we can work together:

I work with all levels of leaders to facilitate the PRACTICAL HUMAN CONNECTION SKILLS that transform your business and your life.

This program is ideal for 2 audiences:

C-SUITE LEADERS  who want to develop MORE EFFECTIVE  leadership talent in key roles, or

MANAGERS AND SUPERVISORS who want to INSPIRE greater team performance … and career development with specific individuals

We work with 2 powerful types of Group Coaching that positively impact your employees … and the bottom line:



Both start with an assessment of participants.

Here’s the difference between the two: …

Choose LIVE OR ONLINE, based on what’s most effective for you.

Click on “Read more …” below to see HOW WE WORK TOGETHER and the participant OUTCOMES

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I present PRACTICAL PRINCIPLES people can use … and love to throw some HUMOUR into the mix.

Hi, I’m Cheryl Gregory.
I'll be your coach when you're ready to Master the Art of Human Connection.

It all starts with a Conversation.

Every employee is the "face" of the organization. Everyone plays a role that impacts the bottom line.

So, it’s critical for everyone to understand this and apply the skills ...

... so you can maintain consistency in relationships and excellent service levels ...

... at every level of your organization.


What Clients Are Saying

"Your coaching paid huge benefits pertaining to some ongoing issues I’ve had with our teams.
I really enjoyed it and want to point out how important this coaching and training have been to our organization."


“I had been struggling with a few clients because couldn't figure out why they didn't think the same way I did. I used to get off the phone and I think, "what's wrong with this person?"
Cheryl put everything into perspective, and now I have the tools that open me up to understand my clients and their needs better.
I'm operating on a whole new level, and appreciate everything I learned."


"I now know my employees on a deeper level and what drives them. I feel I can predict their thoughts and reactions, and adjust my communication style to prevent conflict, inspire engagement and collaboration, and build stronger teams.
I wish I had learned this earlier."


"We've had the time to put several things in practice and have seen good results.
Cheryl gives you the desire to sell more, because you feel so much more comfortable and confident."


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