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Learn the secrets to unlocking human behavior so you can live the life you want.

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            Hi. I’m Cheryl.

Improv fan, dog lover, self-proclaimed rebel, and insanely curious about people and what makes them tick. 


I’m Cheryl, and I’m a rebel. A rebel WITH a cause.

Did I just age myself right there? Hey, I’m actually OK with that, because I’m happy with who I am and how I live my life now, and I want the same for you.

I have spent my whole life studying human behavior through observation, first-hand experience, mentoring, coaching, and leading.

Growing up with a narcissist parent, I dealt with things like gaslighting, stonewalling, bullying, and insults. In the 70’s, I entered the male-dominated world of tech sales and learned all about prejudices, gender discrimination, and aggressiveness.

The coping behaviors I developed in early years didn’t serve me well as I got older, and into the business world. I had to find a way to change my ways, to move from destructive behaviors to a more constructive mindset and more productive responses.

Through the years, studying human behavior became a passion for me. As a self-proclaimed nerd of neuroscience and human healing modalities, I’ve read hundreds of books, taken courses, attended seminars, and applied a wide variety of tools and healing methods. What I learned helped me lift myself up from some pretty low places in both my life and my career. I was finally able to go from powerless and rudderless to powerful and resilient.

Over time, I gained a deeper understanding of the spectrum of emotions and the damage negative emotions have on people in every area of their lives (including mine). Eventually, I learned how to spot the signs and deal more proactively. I learned strategies to handle people and events that triggered anger, fear, overwhelm, and other emotions that consumed my energy, hijacked my decision-making abilities, and drained my happiness.

I empowered myself with actions that delivered short-term results to achieve immediate relief for today, and worked on practices to build resilience for tomorrow.

“You can’t find everything in a textbook. Some things you have to learn raw, as you face them … and then it becomes an experience with another person as an entire entity, a whole person, having many working parts”.     – Cheryl

Fourteen years ago, I saw an opportunity. An opportunity to take everything that I had learned and help leaders understand human behaviors so they could quickly connect with others, easily break down the walls of communication, and use those skills to live the successful and happy life they want. 

I saw a lot of leadership coaches out there, using this basic personality assessment, or that standard method. What I didn’t see is anyone that took a wholistic approach.  What do I mean by that? Well, people aren’t one dimensional. Figuratively and literally.

This means that understanding people means digging into:

  • Mental
  • Emotional
  • Physical, and
  • Sensory health

It’s what I call the “4D approach”. I have developed a proven strategy that combines all those areas for greater emotional intelligence, and greater management of emotions and actions. This strategy helps my clients go from feeling overwhelmed, anxious, and frustrated to feeling lighter, happier, and relieved.

“I now know my employees on a deeper level and what drives them. I feel I can predict their thoughts and reactions, and adjust my communication style to prevent conflict, inspire engagement and collaboration, and build stronger teams.
I wish I had learned this earlier.

~ R GREEN (happy client)

Today, I love being a guide for leaders who deep down inside want to be able to empower their people and themselves to grow and succeed — but because of constant change, stress, and uncertainty—they are simply overwhelmed. It is my job to empower them to become the confident, present, and resilient selves they want to be. I provide the teaching and tools for that.

Then, when I see that smile on their face, my heart is full, and my job is complete.

Let’s talk about YOU.

I was exactly where you are. You want to picture yourself and your company thriving and growing, with an even more promising future — successful and comfortable. You know there’s a lot going on in today’s corporate world! To get to where you want to be, you have a lot of baggage to wade through.

You need to be able to navigate and manage all the change and uncertainty, often dealing with difficult people, while still building and maintaining trust and respect within your teams. That’s a lot!

The problem is you are frustrated and have no idea where to begin. Even if you did know, who has the time to implement it all???

I know. Just thinking about it raises your anxiety level even higher. So, there you are, overwhelmed and frozen stuck in the weeds!  No one should have to feel that way. I remember that feeling. Wishing and dreaming about where you could be tomorrow, with zero plans. The truth is, if you don’t start doing something soon, you may never get there!

Cheryl Gregory Overwhelm

I have a strategy that has helped hundreds of people and can help you too.

Your new life can begin TODAY.

 Working with me is easy:

  1. Simply book a FREE appointment with me here.

  2. Together we discover which of my personalized services is best for you or your team.

  3. Then, I do my thing, you learn how to get better at your thing, and you walk away confident and happy, with a strategy to help keep you that way.

See you soon!



Cheryl has spent over 40 years in sales and marketing, with much time spent in the dynamic travel industry. She has experience in nearly every corporate role, from receptionist to National Sales Director, finally finishing her time in the travel industry, where she served as President of Trafalgar Tours of Canada for 13 years.

Cheryl has spent the last 14 years as a leadership coach, where she shares her proven strategies and focused methodologies with leaders struggling to become the confident and happy success they have always wanted to be.

She is a sought-after international speaker, and when she isn’t working with clients, you can find Cheryl at shows featuring stand up comedians, and local “open mic comedy nights”, designing and sewing clothes for her fashion line The Empowersuit, or spending time with her daughter, granddaughter, and Buddy, her granddoggy.

Besides her impeccable corporate and human behavior credentials, Cheryl loves to laugh, and working with her is FUN. Having fun while doing the work is not to be undervalued.

“It’s not the easiest thing to try and put­­ a smile on a face. But it’s always worth it.”

                                                                                                                          ~ Jerry Seinfeld

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