Thank you for participating in the course. I hope you enjoyed the combination of education and participation, and that you picked up a couple of stress reducing techniques that make a difference for you at work and in your life.

We value your feedback and appreciate your taking the time to give your feedback, so we can provide the best experience for our clients. 

This should take only a few minutes to complete. Thanks again and I hope to see you soon in another program.


Stress Whisperer Mini-Course Feedback

We appreciate your feedback. This form is anonymous, unless you ask for us to contact you (at the bottom). It is totally optional. We want you to share your honest opinions.

1. Please rate the following aspects of the training from 1-10 (10 being highest score)

a) The Education content (You gained deeper understanding on the topic than you had before. You may have learned something new)(Required)
b) The Participation content (You tried the techniques and started using some of them. They made a difference in managing your emotions and stress levels)(Required)
2. Do you see yourself using the techniques in future when you encounter stressful moments?
3. Do you see yourself using the techniques as a daily practise?

7. If you would like me to contact your to follow up on your feedback or for any other reason, please enter your name and email below:


Thank you

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