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Personality assessments are tremendously beneficial for enhancing communication in the workplace. By understanding personality and behaviour types and how to interact with each, teams can work together more productively and efficiently.

Over the past 13 years, I’ve helped thousands of clients gain more valuable self-awareness.

Many of them achieved a 30% increase in productivity and earnings within 3 months.

By learning more about personality styles, employees gain an insight into the communication style of their colleagues, allowing them to foster better relationships. Additionally, team members learn to understand how their personality traits affect the way they interact and work together. This understanding leads more effective communication and more successful collaborations.

As a result, workplaces on the leading edge use personality assessments to increase productivity, and to create more meaningful work relationships both within and outside of the organization.

The Benefits of Personality Assessments for the Workplace:

  • Learn about and leverage people’s natural strengths.
  • Discover gaps and blind spots for coaching staff.
  • Understand team members individual styles and team dynamics.
  • Improve communication and collaboration.
  • Increase productivity and job satisfaction.
  • Enhance customer communications that directly impacts the bottom line.
  • An eye-opening and fun team building exercise that deepens work relationships.
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I take my clients deeper than other assessments. We uncover natural and reactive behaviours, often exposing the things that trigger negative automatic responses.

The assessment is great for individuals. And it’s powerful for Managers who want to coach their teams with transparency, “opening the kimono” so to speak, in terms of:

  • what words engage and influence each style
  • how each team member understands information
  • how they make decisions
  • what motivates them
  • how Managers can best support each team member most effectively. 

The D.E.A.L Personality assessment help you hire the right people, and ensure the right people are in the right roles in your workplace.

It also helps with team development, coaching, and succession planning.

Check out the D.E.A.L. workshops here.

If you’re interested in a conversation to learn more about how personality assessments could work for your business, schedule a discovery call today. We would love to chat with you about the options that best suit your unique situation.

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