Group Coaching

There are 2 powerful types of Group Coaching that positively impact your employees … and the bottom line:

  1. Teams.
  2. Individuals


  • ideal for specific team-based environments, like Sales, Customer Service, Accounting, etc.

Participants learn how to:

  • manage stress
  • become resilient in challenging situations (or with difficult customers)
  • maintain good relationships with clients and coworkers
  • build confidence and competence
  • clear their minds so they can be more creative and solution-oriented
  • and more

You will have happier employees, who are more engaged, have more positive attitudes and take less time off work due to illness. These benefits contribute to an overall improved bottom line.



Ideal for groups of employees from any Department who struggle with the same specific behaviours they want to change, like:

  • unproductive habits (from obsessive overthinking,  social awkwardness,  procrastination, and more)
  • anger management
  • smoking cessation, weight management, nail biting
  • fear of failure, fear of flying, low self-esteem
  • and more

I work with both types of groups to empower them to change negative behaviours and reactions that have hindered their success until now.

I’ll guide them through exercises and give them tools and techniques to create new habits, and new ways of managing their emotions.

If that sounds good to you, simply, click on “Let’s Get Started” below and let’s talk about your Group Coaching requirements. skill



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